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A Christmas Miracle!

Posted on 2009.12.24 at 20:53
Don't get too excited - it's only a Christmas miracle; resurrection is an Easter miracle.

This conversation at the Rivoli was the best Christmas present I could hope to get, so now I'm re-gifting it to all the internet (some of you are lucky enough to get it twice!). Merry Christmas, everyone!

If Jim is reading this, uhhhhhhh, it's a joke.

Sorry for the lateness; I got so caught up in prep and subsequent execution of Fan Expo 2009 that I couldn't even make it to the scanner (all the way upstairs).

Incidentally, the con didn't go as well as I'd hoped so I'm going to try and take some commissions!
$10 for a pen&ink drawing, $20 for colour (single character, little-to-no background, filetype of your choice at 300 dpi unless someone can give me better format suggestions), add $10 for each additional character and $10 for the original piece (I'll probably be working mostly at 5x7 or maybe 8x10). Eh? Eh?

I will also be updating my Etsy shop throughout the week so if you need an animal hat for the approaching cold weather I can hook ya up. I even have a couple of squid hats in stock!


At least it's not their basement, I guess.

Posted on 2009.08.20 at 03:29

I was all pleased with myself for having the comic scanned ahead of time so I could post it tonight, then forgot my password and was locked out of the account for getting it wrong too many times. It's fortunate that I wasn't locked out for very long.


The First Three Rules of Real Estate

Posted on 2009.08.14 at 00:38
Current Music: Lowest of the Low - Shakespeare, My Butt

Location, location, and a good spot for your booze. And don't talk about real estate.